Monday, June 2, 2014

End of an Era

 Unique House Antiques on Rte 301 has generously allowed the Friends to sell books in Booth 92 since 2010.  Unique House has been sold and is becoming Unique Antiques.  The new owner wants to concentrate on antiques and furniture, so the FOSL booth has to close before the end of June.
All books, CDs. DVDs, and Videos must be sold:  Great prices!   
25 cents or 5/$1.00 
Please be sure to come and get some bargains. 
There are two medium height bookshelves that we are selling for $20/each.  You won't be able to pick them up until we pack up the remaining books. 
Thanks very much to Mr. and Mrs. Preston House who gave us the space to have Booth 92 for free.  Their generosity allowed the Friends to keep a bookstore open while the library was at the old KG Middle School during construction of the addition.

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