Friday, January 30, 2015

Chili Dinner

Chili dinner at L.E. Smoot Memorial Library on February 6, 2015 from 6pm-7:30pm.  All are invited.  

Tickets on sale for $15/adult, $5/child.  

Tickets available at Smoot Circulation desk, FOSL store, FOSL Board members, or Smoot Board of Trustees.

Current FOSL members receive $5 off each adult ticket purchased.  FOSL members also receive half-off in the FOSL store, except on fundraising items.

Donations needed:
bags of lettuce - 6
cherry tomatoes - 3 large pkg
shredded carrots - 3 bags
cucumbers - 3 large
bottles of salad dressing - 2 each: Ranch, Italian, Thousand Island, French
32 oz. bags of shredded cheese - 4
large containers of sour cream - 4
chopped red onion - 3
large hot sauce - 1
hotdogs - 80= 10 pkgs
hotdog buns -80=10 pkgs 8 pkgs
large mustard - 1
large ketchup - 1
large mayo - 1
desserts (for ex. brownies, cupcakes, cookies)
crackers - oyster, saltines

Respond on Facebook, donate at FOSL store, email, or call Kathy at 540-273-1416.  Thank you in advance for helping with our fundraiser.

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